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Full Version: Can't find "Coding help" topics
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I was looking in resloved issues for a beginners guide at how to start coding livejournal layouts. It seems everyone one I come across that gives a link to coding help, such as this one: coding help

I'll get this message on the linked page.
The error returned was:
Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken.

Are the links that help with coding located somewhere else now? Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
Unfortunately, there were tons of help topics in here until someone decided to delete all of them (permanently).

There are a couple of LJ communities that offer help getting started with LJ coding, I would recommend checking this one out in particular:
Thanks. I tried looking over some things. I'm still a bit confused. I was looking for all the class and id names specific to livejournal.

Like, if I want to modify a sidebar. Would there be anything special it's called? Or do I just need to insert #sidebar amd .sidebar as I am coding my layout? But what if I want to code the area with my lj icon. What is it called?

Do I make any sense? It also seems most of those tutorials are for generator. I want to work on others like variable flow or something. And iin S2 you still get to override, but are the codes seem to change depending on what theme you have, etc.
It really depends on the layout. What I typically do when I want to figure out what the class or id name is for a specific area is view source, then ctrl+f for what I'm looking for - for example, the sidebar - I'll search for some text that I know is in the sidebar. Then when I find it, I scroll up a little bit, and when I see the div containing the sidebar, it should say something like the following:

<div id="idname">


<div class="classname">

As you know, you would insert #idname or .classname into the code related to the part of the layout you're modifying.

The same would apply to the icon. If you can see any classes or ids for the div containing the icon, or even the icon itself, that would be a good place to start.

The classes definitely do change depending on the layout you're using, in both S1 and S2. has a lot of help relating to "what does what".
Thanks so much. I will be trying that method and see if it helps.
User has another topic now - I'm closing and moving this.
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