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Full Version: What does this mean?
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What does this mean? Click here. When I click "ok" It says "Syncing is completed" So I eject the Ipod and all my music is gone but I think I know what happen with that. At first I hate 63 songs and then went to add more songs and for some reason I ended up with 30 songs and I went to re-add the songs that I wanted on there and then I end up with 23 songs. What's wrong with this?

But when I add my photo's it works fine. I have a Ipod Classic 80gig Black.
Ouch, that same thing happened to me except I had over 5,000 songs. The iPod software sucks goat ass, and it malfunctions too easily. That's why I don't have a second one.

I found a really good "blog" that someone wrote up for people with these problems. I think it's had some positive reviews. Here's the page.
Wow thanks a lot. It's really stupid. It connects and then it disconnect. I hate it. I am going to check that site out. Again thanks.
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