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Full Version: Hunter x Hunter to continue?
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I've been reading everywhere that Hunter x Hunter (The manga), after being on hiatus for over a year is FINALLY going to make a return in October of this year! Any fans out there wanna celebrate? biggrin.gif

I mean, it's on the Japanese wikipedia, as well as the English one. I may be easy to trick, but a girl on YouTube told me a Japanese person said it to her and just random people hae heard about it.... _unsure.gif

Well, for those of you believe that Hunter x Hunter IS indeed going to continue in October
Who wants to PARTYYYY?!?!?!!?!?!?

*sorry for being so..well..ODD for lack of better word*
EDIT-- Okay, now I saw a link to a lil interview thing about it. It said something like Shounen Jump will publish what Togashi has ready, then let him take another break. In other words, Togashi-sensei is really taking it slow.... really, anyone else hear anything about this?
WHAAAAA CRAZY!!!! i love hunter x hunter, ended on quite a cliff hanger lol
i heard it's really good .. i need to go read it..-.-;; thats really cool!! my friend will be over the roof! (erm?)lolz

I loved the show, I wasn't much of a fan of the manga. I just don't like the style used for it, it looks so quickly done.
Ohhh, just wait until later on, the art gets MUCH better.

See? That's from the Chimera Arc later on. The art gets better, but then it declines again.. The art quality should be good when the releases start up agian though...
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