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Full Version: Scratch The Greatestjournal
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i had gotten my livejournal to semi-look the way i wanted it to but for some reason, i was un-settled. i sort of wanted to add my own flare and i spotted this LJ and this was sorta the look i wanted to acheive more of. once again, how can i get this?
The account you linked is a paid account, which has a lot more freedom when it comes to customization. Also, we can't read your mind and tell you what coding to put on your livejournal page; you'll have to be more specific in what you'd like. For example, do you want a one-column layout with no entry showing like hers? Or do you want a two-column layout with the left column as navigation? Etc.

Again, keep in mind that the journal you listed is a paid account, so we may not be able to help you change your layout to look like that (especially since we don't promote code-lifting/altering without permission from the owner).
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