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Full Version: s2 - cant align D:
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I can't seem to align the entries and sidebar to the header with the ads in the way. Also, I can't center the whole thing to the... center..

I have two options for the header/entries/sidebar/ads problem..

1. Make the header big enough to fit the entries and the ad
2. Switch back to a basic account [which i'm not favoring]

As for centering the thing.. Well.. yeah, I don't know what to do. Please help?

My Lj, btw : CLICKY!
well, as of now (i'll keep looking though), it looks like you only have those two options.

if you lose the sidebar, and then only the bottom ad will show, and you can expand your header to fit the body. however, I really don't think you want to lose your sidebar, right?

so, switch back to basic.
hmmm the sidebar doesnt seem that important :] but how do I get rid of the ad on the side? The ad settings are horizontal [top and bottom part of page], vertical [side and bottom] or between entries.
You can switch back to a basic account with no advertisements on this page; by hiding the advertisment on a plus/sponsored account, you would be violating the terms of service that you agreed to, and thus we don't support it.
Ah yes, the terms of service. hmm..

Is there any way that I can resize the ads, though? or is that another no-no o_o;

You agree to NOT use the Service to:

17. Employ tactics to prevent the full and complete display of advertisements on LiveJournal pages. These include, but are not limited to, making journal style changes, customizations, or overrides that effectively block or substantially impair the display of advertisements on a Plus account's Content or other pages within the Service.

I would advise against tweaking the ads in any way.
aww foo.

But wait. I remember seeing something in my friend's LJ.. He was able to put the ads somewhere in the sidebar. Is that possible? I mean, His layout is the same as mine [kind of] but he placed the ads on the empty space under all the stuff on the sidebar. Any ideas how to do that?
with flexible squares, the vertical ads appear in the sidebar.
in smooth sailing, it doesnt.
^ Ahhhhhh. hmm. Lemme try changing it~
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