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Full Version: Should Graffiti be Banned???
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So here is the thing In english today my teacher tells us that we have a english Sac on tuesday which is a test and to prepare us for it she has given us a practice trial..which is should Graffiti be banned...well I am all for graffiti I think its wonderful and colourful but thats the creative artistic ones I am talking about not that scribble sh*t you see on brick walls and stations...well I have to write like 6 paragraphs on this topic and you see I am a bit lost for some idea's about graffiti so this is were i need your help and your opinions ppl.

So what is your opinion...Should Graffiti be banned or should it be aloud?

This would help me so much with my essay thanx
I think a lot of it is sh*t and ruins places making them look run down and sketchy. Some of the art created though is beautiful. You know what I think? I think there should be this huge wall in cities that people can travel to and freely do whatever graffiti they please. I know it wouldn't help any situation but I think it should be allowed on that wall and nothing else. I'm tired of seeing F*ck you on walls as I drive into New York City etc.
but inside the bullshits,its funny!!
QUOTE(Phoenixx @ Jul 6 2006, 5:01 AM) *
I'm tired of seeing F*ck you on walls as I drive into New York City etc.

Yer Well I live in Austraila right an as like I am walking to catch a train thats all I preety much see all over the walls its so crap...I like the creative graffiti though with pictures that actually mean something and I agree that they should have a wall were people should be aloud to graffiti as much as they like
I say it should be banned. I mean, if you're talking about the creative ones, even still, if they need a creative outlet, get permission/hired to explore on a mural.
i think it should be. people shouldn't vandalize buildings and other people's property. it looks really bad, anyways. even if it's creative, tell them to go be creative somewhere else.
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